Friday, 14 September 2012

Glossary of terms.

There is, in the survival fraternity (as in any specialized group), a lot of jargon, ranging from simple acronyms to strange, specific, and sometimes funny, terms for various post-event phenomina.

The most common are:

Alpha Strategy - The storing of food and sundries for trade or barter, or for charitable purposes.
BOB, BOV, BOL - Bug out Bag, Vehicle, and location. Often incorporated into the same escape plan, "Bugging out" is the act of escaping from an event area to a safe area, or remaining on the move. They typically contain a selection of items useful for getting out of dodge including tools, food, water and first aid items. Also called 72-hour bags, as they are designed to allow you to survive for 3 days.
(Survival) Cache - A hidden cache of supplies, food, weaponry or other sundries either on a Bug-out route, or else secreted near a B.O.L.
The Crunch - Generic term for a long-term disaster.
Doomer - Follower of the "Peak Oil" scenario, in which oil reserves are depleted to a level where industry will be irrevocably impaired.
EDC - Every day carry. It relates to items carried on the body which will be immediately usable in case of an event.
EOTW - End of the world.
EMP - Electromagnetic pulse. Extreme levels of electromagnetic energy, expected to occur through either nuclear war, solar flare activity, or other unforeseen event. Expected to disable all electronic devices within it's range.
Event - Any scenario which requires survivalist action to be taken, either long or short term.
Goblin - Criminal(s) who seek to profit from the EOTW, either directly, through looting, mugging, theft etc, or indirectly through phony services or good offered after an event.
G.O.O.D - Get out of dodge - Escaping urban centres in the case of an event.
Intentional community - A collective group (often in the bounds of a "neighbourhood") which is pre-designed to have a higher level of community teamwork.
NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical - Anything related to the threat or reality of these types of war-fare.
Polly (Pollyanna) - A doomsday denier, or one who is unprepared for an event.
PPE - In a survivalist sense, this may related to anything from simple dustmasks to full NBC suits.
Prepper (Survivalist) - Some one who is prepared (or actively preparing) for an event.
Retreat - A purpose built, often disguised and/or fortified, building designed to withstand an event.
SHTF - S**t hits the fan
TEOTWAWKI - The end of the world as we know it.
WROL - Without rule of law - The predicted lawlessness and lack of governance expected to be rampant post-event.

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