Thursday, 13 September 2012

Filling a need.

Good afternoon.

If you are reading this, we can assume you are a 'survivalist', or are intersted in becoming one. Unfortunately, many of the blogs, articles or websites which exist focus on an American view of TEOTWAWKI, with much of the advice being of the "Grab yer' gun and git to the hills!" variety.Whilst this is a valid plan, it's not practical advice to anyone living in a country with any kind of gun control. Furthermore, the space available to escape under the radar is much smaller in the UK, and with only two minor land borders, it's going to be difficult getting out of dodge WTSHTF.

Therefore, I have resolved to create a UK based blog, revolving around basic survival techniques, self-defence, and contingencies for the end-times. Not only will I cover basic survival techniques (both those I have practiced, and interesting points raised elsewhere), but I'll also try to explore the most common "Doomsday" scenarios and their likely hood, as well as providing legal tips both for prep-ping and when you have to run.

Remember, it's not if. It's when.

J O'Neill


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