Monday, 21 January 2013

Things you should stock pile but aren't: #2 Grit/Rocksalt

This should be obvious, given the kind of weather we've had for the last few days. It seems everytime there is the slightest little snow fall, all of England shuts down for a week. It's also rare that we don't have a week or so (and sometimes more) of moderate to heavy snowfall in a year, and people do sometimes end up trapped in their houses.
And yet, whilst I see people with shovels, I rarely see people spreading grit to clear their paths. It's a lot less time and labour intensive, as well as being safer than shovelling alone, which can sometimes leave a thin sheet of ice over your path.

A cursory google search brings up a number of sites which provide salt for de-icing:

As rock salt has an almost infinite shelf life, it will store most places until it is required.
In a pinch, normal white table salt can be used in lieu of the more specialised rocksalt.

Don't forget, if you stockpile rock salt for path clearing, don't clear only your path and leave your neighbours to struggle through, be a good person, help if people need it, especially with elderly neighbours.

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