Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The cold will kill your plan...

...And possibly you.

Recently, a large number of people I know, myself included, have come down with colds, or the flu. Work has been missed, parties and training sessions skipped, and a general pall of ill-feeling towards the human condition has fallen over us all.
I felt this subject would be a good one to discuss, given that is had caused me to skip two updates and post nothing on either the facebook or twitter feeds for over a week.

And so, if such a simple problem can cause such disruption in a time of plenty, where we have hospitals, doctors, and the comfort of an open fire and many, many blankets, imagine the havoc it cause reap in the tightly packed confines of a survival out-post or BOL.
Futhermore there is little to be done to prevent it, apart from maintaining cleanliness drills, administering treatment as soon as preliminary symptoms are noticeable, and quarantining anyone struck down with any kind of disease. Whilst this may seem extreme, consider the following: in a country of 6,000,000; half a dozen absentees put almost no dent in the workforce. In a community of 20, over a quarter of your force is out of commission, plus anyone you dedicate to care for them.

There's a lot of information out there about the cold, it's prevention and treatment, so I'll let you research in you own time, but I have to suggest medical professionals, even if they are only basically trained, be added to your team, as well as as much medicinal stocks as possible be added to your BOB, BOL and everywhere else.

Normal survival-y stuff will return next week.

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